Stress reducing

Simply walk a lot around your local areas. It will really lower your stress. Every day choose a new walk in your part of the country or towns. You will see or feel significantly lower stress in your physical or mental body. Feel good today!

My book Ten Steps to Your Health is here..

Ten steps to Outstanding Vitality and Health

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QiGong is a worldwide method of healing now.

Qigong on the beach of Brighton is open to all free of charge now.

Try it for your 100% health and healing method for 1 year and see it change all.

You can try it here first or with all your mates come along and have fun.

Try it once free and after that come along if you want at simple donation of three pounds only.

If you want furthur instruction it’s free too.

Nothing to lose.

Just put your best beach trunks or bikini on or a little slip to work a while on yourself in the sunshine with me.

Try it today.

Call 07754343671 today.

My prices remain the same for biomagnetism healing, treating women and working out in private with one another. 300 pounds.

Suzy Dior and Dr Demartini

Suzy Dr D.jpg Did you know Suzy Dior does Dr Demartini work in person for you at your home showing you how to be healthy so you cannot be sick?  It’s 100% guaranteed.  You may know your own pH levels and work on it to be healthy again.  Hydration levens, vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and how they work in the liver, heart, kidneys, urinary tract, brain etc.  You could be fitter and healthier by doing our program online too.  Just contact us and do it.